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Pune’s Pimpri police may file closure report soon in Milind Borkar Case, Trouble likely to mount for the Pune based complainant fiance.

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– By Priyanka Gondhle, Pune

The probe into the case against USA based software engineer Milind Borkar for an alleged cheating, fraud and defamation has come to an interesting stage, with preliminary investigation almost over by the Pimpri Police in Maharashtra.

According to sources, Pimpri police may file a ‘B Summary’ Report soon in the case against software engineer Milind Borkar. Cops have initiated an action towards the closure of the FIR. Sources claim that the preliminary investigation conducted found several lapses in the complaint after which police have concluded to file the closure report. 2 officers are already suspended in the case. Sources further also inform that, trouble is also likely to mount for the Morwadi resident Pallavi Chandrakant Gaikwad for an alleged false complaint against her former fiance Milind Borkar. Police suspects that Pallavi made a desperate attempt to defame Milind by filing a false complaint against him on the pretext of fraud and cheating. Earlier, Pimpri police had registered an FIR against Borkar on her complaint.

Milind is originally a resident of Andheri in Mumbai but has been working in the USA since last 14 years. Milind and Pallavi both met on a matrimonial site in 2019 and got engaged thereafter in the same year. However just before they could tie the knot, Milind reportedly found some objectionable pictures of his fiance in her mobile phone that lead to their breakup. Milind alleged that after he broke up his engagement with Pallavi and returned to USA, her family tried to extort some money from Milind. Upon deniel to pay the ransom, Pallavi lodged an alleged false complaint against him in order to defame and cause trouble. Pimpri Police registered an FIR based on her complaint and conducted its investigation. But it didn’t take long time for the investigators to find out the truth.

On the other hand, Milind moved Andheri court through his father, where the court has ordered an investigation into the matter. Further a civil suite is also pending before the Dindoshi sessions court. And recently Milind also moved Superior Court in San Francisco where the next hearing is scheduled in October 2021. It is also to be clarified that Pallavi Gaikwad was contacted for her version to be included in this story but she remained unavailable.

A relation that established through an online matrimonial website is now shattered with various complaints and cross cases not just in Mumbai and Pune but the matter is also being heard in the court of United States of America. Amid the legal battle between the two families, Pimpri police is all set to come to a reasonable conclusion in the FIR registered by them.

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